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Hi my name is Yvonne  and I am the owner and head planner of Annie Events. After working on corporate events for many years, I was asked to plan a family reunion, in 2015. The person who asked me to help them had tried a few event planning companies, and found them not suitable for her and what she was requesting. What started as a small family reunion, ended up been spread over three days in the in the west of Ireland for over 250 people. I then went on to complete an event management and business course and shortly afterwards wedding planning. I set up the company in 2017. Since then I have worked on baby showers, weddings in Italy & Ireland, naming ceremony's, anniversary's and more family reunion's (In Ireland and America) ​I have a passion for Weddings and  Events and believe everyone should be able have a planner for their next event.  

Who  is  Annie?

When it came to naming my business, I knew I did not want to use my own name but I knew I wanted something different. I think I had around 25 different names listed before someone mentioned Annie. You see Annie is my Nana. ​I was sitting in my sisters kitchen having a cup of tea, going over names, when she asked me what I wanted to express in the name. I told her that I wanted a name that would last with people, something that I loved and would not want to change and something that could be a play on words. The first name that came to mind was my nana's Annie.  She was a lady you would not forget once you met her, I would not change her for the world and Annie Events for any event was perfect, and with that a business was born with love. (photo is Annie and myself)

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